Stans Services (fireplace service) 888.702.5590 El Dorado Hills, CA

Rancho Cordova, California 1 comment

Stan's Service whom fixes and replaces fireplaces is located here in our local community of El Dorado Hills after relocating 8 months ago from Napa area.He initially quoted my husband on the telephone as charging $100 the first hour - so we arranged for him to diagnose our gas fireplace.

My husband being at work and me at home the bill came to $165.00 for one hour of service. He stated to me that he charged $100 the first one-half hour. We received only his diagnostic services - no parts, no repair - our fireplace still does not work. This $165.00 does not go toward a future service.

He completely misrepresented himself, his family, his business and Service Magic.

Better Business Bureau is next to be notified.This is a small and active community - word travels fast!



I had been told 165 for a service call upfront.He came and fixed my fireplace.

He was a professional and new what he was doing.

I had two other companies out that charged me and didn't fix the problem.

I am very happy

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